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Last Will and Testament Software

Last Will and Testament - Simply Willing

Writing your own Last Will and Testament Made Easy. Simply Willing Last Will and Testament software now works on 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

If you want to read some excellent advice on why you should make out a Last Will and Testament, visit

Broadband Internet Products

We offer a range of ADSL2+ Broadband Internet products powered by TPG Internet for those of you that want the speed and download capabilities that ADSL2+ offers. Note that these Broadband Internet products are only available to Australian citizens.

For those of you in Australia that still cannot get ADSL2+ Internet, TPG has launched a new range OF ADSL products.

Click here for more information.

Software Audit and Compliance Software

Discovery Audit - the best solution for conducting a software audit of the software used by your company! Use it in conjunction with the Discovery Audit Dashboard from PCProfile for the most complete software audit results.

Discovery Fonts - the tool for conducting an audit of all the fonts installed on your computers. Discovery Fonts not only shows you what fonts are installed on your systems, it displays the fonts in both table and tree form showing what and where they are on your computers. Selecting any of the fonts from the tree or table, selects it in the other and instantly displays it's properties.

Discovery Snapshot - a tool that will, very quickly, give you a snapshot of all files that may make you 'at risk' for non-compliance if and when a software audit is conducted. Price?  FREE!

Other Products

Our Tips and Tricks products are aimed at novice users who want to learn how to get the most out of their PC. In these programs you can try out various tasks you might be wary of doing in case you should make a mistake. In each program you perform all of the actions without any danger of stuffing things up. Once you feel confident to do the job, off you go.

Our program EziMenu, is aimed at senior citizens and the visually impaired. It simplifies the Windows screen so that there is no more hunting around for your email program or word processor or going to the Start button to close down Windows.

We also have a range of products going from PDF converters to home inventory and budget systems produced by affiliates.

To see what we have on offer, simply select an option from the Products menu above

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PCProfile offers practical relevant technology advice suitable for Small and Medium Business

The Software Audit Site
The Software Audit Site - a collaboration between Secrett Systems and PCProfile.


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Tax Problems?
If you are having tax problems with the IRS, check out the Guardian. Their team of lawyers can give you the help you need. (USA only)

KVM Switch Review
Get the lowest prices on KVM Switches, KVM Matrix Switches, KVM Extenders, KVM over IP, and other remote IP access solutions.


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