Unless you have Management Authorization
any of the following:
Software, Movies, Sound files, Image files, or Fonts
since these may be subject to copyright and/or licensing regulations
Random audits will be conducted to ensure this PC remains in a compliant state
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Auditing PCs is a time consuming task and can be costly and ineffective if you adopt the wrong audit strategy.

PCProfile Discovery Audit does NOT use the Reqistry or Add/Remove programs area to detect files as these are unreliable in terms of providing you with adequate protection against being detected with unauthorized installed software.

PCProfile DiscoveryAudit enables you to spend less time on audits (after the initial audit has taken place) and allows you to focus on variations that have occurred between audit cycles. You can use the EXCEPTION REPORT to save significant amounts of time and money on auditing PC's.

PCProfile DiscoveryAudit allows you to pay attention to files that are subject to license compliance requirements eg; software and fonts, as these are both subject to End User License Agreements (EULAs).

PCProfile DiscoveryAudit also enables you to pay particular attention to significant changes in volumes on files (images/sounds/movies) as that may indicate that the person using this PC is not following acceptable use policies and procedures that apply to this PC.

Discovery Fonts Version 8.0 Audit File
Date of Audit: 20090712
Report for Computer/Hostname: GRASSHOPPER

File counts listed below include HIDDEN files.

File Types Detected File Count

Files Subject To Licensing Compliance

ABF Fonts 0
FNT Fonts 2
FON Fonts 142
SHX Fonts 9
TTC Fonts 2
TTF Fonts 383


When conducting software inventory be careful with tools that generate false positive results and also those programs that rely upon the add/remove programs area and the registry. The data generated from both the registry and the add/remove areas is often incomplete and inaccurate so you need to ensure that you create accurate inventories of what is actually installed on a system.

Customized Version

Discovery Fonts searches for the 6 fonts most commonly in use. If you would like the program customizing to search for other fonts, click here.

Copyright © 2009 Rob Harmer Consulting Services Pty Ltd
All rights reserved worldwide.