FREE PC discovery audit snapshot
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 FREE PC discovery audit snapshot

 FREE PC discovery audit snapshot
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FREE! PC Discovery Audit Snapshot

When you bought the PCs that you use in your organization, they may have been delivered with Microsoft Windows pre-installed. There may have been a couple of other programs. Before putting the PC on someone's desk, your IS Team probably installed other programs such as a word processor, spreadsheet and email tools.

All of this would be delivered with a number of executable files, images, sounds, fonts and some video files. How many and what they are depends upon what you have installed.

Since you bought the PC and placed it on the desk you know what is on it. You know what software you've got. You have the purchase orders and all the license files.

Don't you?

You don't?

If you don't then you could be lining yourself up for trouble since software vendors will come down hard on you and it could cost you a fortune.

If, as is the case in many organizations, especially the smaller ones, all of your PC users can install software and have Internet access, you could find your PCs with much more on them than you provided. Unlicensed programs, copyrighted fonts, images, sounds and video files.


And much of it could be unlicensed - leaving you open to prosecution for piracy.

For your own protection, you need to know exactly what is installed on your computers.

And this is where the PC Discovery Audit suite of applications comes in.

PC Discovery Audit

PC Discovery Audit is a suite of applications that will audit your PCs for the various file types that might be putting you at risk.

Unlike other PC audit tools PC Discovery Audit does not read the registry Uninstall area to tell you what is on your PCs. Nor does it come with a gigantic database that it uses to look up the applications.


Because these methods are very unreliable and can produce false positives and negatives.

They might tell you that you have a particular program installed on your computer, when it isn't. A false positive.

Likewise they might not tell you about a program that is on your PC because it isn't in the registry Uninstall area. A false negative.

Either can land you in trouble.

What Does PC Discovery Audit Do?

The PC Discovery Audit tools scan the entire hard drive (or drives) on your PCs and reports back to you on every program, font, video, sound, image or video file it finds.

So you know exactly what is installed.

To learn more about the PC Discovery Audit suite, click here.

FREE PC Discovery Audit Snapshot

To get an idea of how many of these file types you have on your PCs, you can use the FREE PC Audit Discovery Snapshot tool from PCProfile, developed by Secrett Systems on their behalf.

No installation is required.

Unpack the FREE PC Discovery Audit Snapshot zip file and run the program DiscoverySnapshot.exe.

You can copy FREE PC Discovery Audit Snapshot to a USB flash disk and run it from there on as many of your PCs as you like.

Depending upon your PC the audit may take 3 or 4 minutes to complete after which a report, in HTML format, is saved to your disk and automatically displayed for you.

If you run it from a USB flash disk, FREE PC Discovery Audit Snapshot,  can be used to audit as many PCs as you wish producing and saving individual reports to the flash disk. You can examine these later at your leisure.

FREE PC Discovery Audit Snapshot

A typical output:

Not only does it show you how many files, but it also shows you how much disk space is being gobbled up. As you can see, there are nearly as many sound files on the test PC as there are executables and taking up more of the disk space!

Click here to see a typical HTML report.

FREE PC Discovery Audit Snapshot

PC Discovery Audit Snapshot is completely FREE. You can do with it what you will, except reverse engineer it or modify it in any way or sell it. You can give it away to anyone you like as long as you give a copy of the zip file to them making no claims of ownership etc.

Thank you for considering the FREE PC Discovery Audit Snapshot and Discovery Audit suite - the tools for conducting a PC Discovery Audit.


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