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Last Will and Testament Made Easy With Simply Willing

Simply Willing, the easiest to use Last Will and Testament software works with 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Last Will and Testament Overview

We know we should write a Last Will and Testament, but many of us never seem to get round to it.

We are scared off by the thought of it, the cost of preparing a Last Will and Testament, and sometimes we just decide to "do it later".

Itís a fact that many people die without ever having made a Will (Intestate). Approximately 7 out of 10 people in Australia, UK, US and New Zealand die without leaving a Last Will and Testament.

If you do not have a valid Last Will and Testament prior to your death this can mean chaos and financial worry for your family after youíve gone. Without a valid signed Last Will and Testament, your money and property may not be passed on according to your wishes. The laws in your country will apply and an effort made to distribute your estate fairly. However this may not be in the same manner that you had in mind.

Last Will and Testament - Why Should I Make One?

If you die without a Last Will and Testament the intestacy rules that apply in your country determine who inherits what from your estate.

A Last Will and Testament is your written expression of HOW and to WHOM you want your estate to be distributed.

Your Last Will and Testament also outlines how you wish to be buried, cremated or whether you wish your body to be used for medical research purposes or for organ donation.

The choice is yours.

You can use your Last Will and Testament to appoint guardians for minor children, otherwise the courts will have a say in their future, and to minimise inheritance tax which may apply.

Itís a lot simpler and fairer for YOU to make the decision, now, rather than leave the decision for those of your relatives left behind after you are gone.

Making provision for your estate distribution to be managed in the manner that YOU wish is one of the most important aspects you can leave for your family and heirs and successors to ease the burden faced after the death of a loved one.

You may also use this Last Will and Testament software as a general guide before meeting with your lawyer or estate planner to generate a pro-formal document that can be used to simplify discussions with legal advisers.


For the Last Will and Testament to be legal and executable upon your death, it must be signed in your own hand and witnessed by at least 2 independent persons, with date of signing, date of witnesses signatures. 

The complete printed signed version of your Last Will and Testament should stored in a safe place.

If you want to read some excellent advice on why you should make out a Last Will and Testament, visit

When NOT to use Simply Willing to Write a Last Will and Testament

Itís tempting to save money by setting up your own Last Will and Testament, but we recommend that you seek professional legal advice to create a Last Will and Testament if:

Should you have such requirements,  we strongly recommend that you consult a professional adviser to create a Last Will and Testament that specifically suits your circumstances.

Last Will and Testament - The Program

Simply Willing is a wizard developed by Secrett Systems after we got stuck with some tremendous legal fees to get a Last Will and Testament drawn up by a lawyer. As it turned out, the Last Will and Testament was really simple to draw up since the estate was not complex.

The program provides you with a simple interface that guides you through the steps you have to follow to draw up your Last Will and Testament.

We spent some time researching the legal requirements to draw up a Last Will and Testament in the following countries:

We are confident that Simply Willing meets all the legal requirements in those countries and that you can safely use the program confident that your Last Will and Testament shall be legal.


Although we are confident that Simply Willing meets the legal requirements in the countries listed above, Secrett Systems accepts no liability whatsoever for any errors made by the user, failure to comply with locals regulations, improper use etc. If you are unsure about local regulations, you must check them first. This can usually be done with a simple visit to a library or your local probate office.

Creating Your Last Will and Testament - Benefits of Simply Willing

Drawing Up A Last Will and Testament

There are a number of caveats, such as the rules about minor children, all of which are identified in the Simply Willing help files.

When you draw up a Last Will, the law in all of the countries above require you to provide the following information:

All of the countries above require you to sign the Last Will in front of at least 2 witnesses. These witnesses must not be beneficiaries of your Last Will.

The rest of the detail you can enter into a Last Will, when your estate is simple, are:

There is no requirement to enter details about guardians for minor children, bequests and so on but if you are not going to take steps to care for your minor children and you're not going to make any bequests, there is no point in making out a Last Will.

Creating Your Last Will And Testament

After you have entered all the mandatory and optional detail, you can save your Last Will. It is saved in a format that you can later open up and amend if you wish.

You can also print it.

Can I Get A Copy Of Simply Willing Last Will and Testament software To Evaluate?

Sure. Evaluation of Simply Willing Last Will and Testament software is free.

Click the appropriate Evaluate Now button below. When the File Download dialog appears, select "Save".

To install, double click the SimplyWilling32.msi or SimplyWilling64.msi file and accept all defaults.

When you run the program, a dialog will be displayed asking for an activation code. It also displays a button labelled "Evaluate". Click the Evaluate button and a few moments later, Simply Willing will be ready to run. You can do what you like with it, including saving your Last Will and Testament. The only thing you will not be able to do is print it. For that you have to buy a copy.

You can buy Simply Willing by clicking a 'Buy at...' link below.

You have 5 days to evaluate Simply Willing. After that you must either buy the program or uninstall it.

How Do I Buy A Copy Of Simply Willing Last Will and Testament software?

Select a 'Buy at...' link below. After you've paid for the program you will be sent an activation code by email.

NOTE: When placing the order you will be asked to enter your telephone number. This is required for order verification purposes. When you enter your number, please ensure that you enter the number in full - including international dialling codes. For example, 011 61 8 12345678.

Don't forget to read the license file.

If you buy Simply Willing, you will need to activate it. You will have received an activation code through your email

Run the program and click the "Activate" button. When the Activate dialog is displayed, enter the activation code you received and click Next. You will be asked for a password and email. Both are used to enable the Simply Willing activation code to be resent to you in the event that you have to re-install.

What Happens If I Give Simply Willing Last Will and Testament software Away?

We are not going to sic the anti-piracy police on you!

You can give copies of Simply Willing to your friends and family for evaluation. In fact, we'd love it if you did.

However, if they activate it using your activation code, your copy will stop working. If they like the program and want their own copy, they must buy it.

How Much Will It Cost Me?

Version Price  
32 Bit Evaluation (5 days) FREE!

Evaluate 32 Bit Now!

64 Bit Evaluation (5 days) FREE!

Evaluate 64 Bit Now!

All Versions US$40.00

Buy at Plimus

Discounts Available For Bulk Buys

Although the price quoted is US dollars, if you live in a country other than the United States, the price will be displayed in your local currency.

How Do I Pay For Simply Willing Last Will and Testament software?

Just select a 'Buy at...' link above where you can pay by credit card. 

User Manual

To see how easy it is to use Simply Willing to create your Last Will and Testament, click here to download the user manual. (Requires Adobe Reader)

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