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Username/Password Generator


This program will generate between 1 and 250 usernames with a secure, complex password for each username.

If you only want 1 username/password, the program displays the generated output at the bottom of the screen.

If you generate more than 1 username/password combination, the program creates a CSV file that you can import straight into your username database.

You can also use the program to generate a complex password for a specific username.

FREE Download

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To use the program you must provide 4 pieces of information:

Create 1 Password

If you just want to create a new password for an existing user, check this box.

You will still have to select a minimum password length and enter a passphrase.

The result will be displayed at the bottom of the dialog.

Username Base

The username is created by using a basic name, the Username base, and then appending a number to it.

The username is used, along with the Password Key, to generate the password associated with that username.

Ideally, the username should be 5 or more characters long. To maximize the complexity of passwords, you should avoid repeating characters in the string.

Good examples:

Poor examples:

However, the username base you choose is up to you.

Password Length

Ideally, to maximize security, passwords should be complex containing a mix of upper and lower case letters, numerals and characters such as underscores, exclamation marks etc.

Also, a password should be 8 or more characters long. Some operating systems allow passwords up to 32 characters long. This program allows you to generate passwords between 6 and 12 characters in length.

Password Key

The password key is used, along with the username, to generate complex, strong passwords.

The more complex the password key, the greater the security and complexity of the password.

Very Good examples:

Good examples:

Poor examples:

Number of Usernames

This tells the program the number of username/password combinations to be created.

If you only want one, the username and password will be displayed at the bottom of the program screen.

If you want more than one, the program will export the username/password combinations to a CSV file that you can import straight into your user database. It is saved in the My Documents folder. However, you can select the folder you want to save the file in if you choose.

By default, the exported file will be given the same name as the username base. You can also change the file name if you wish.


Below are listed examples of username/password combinations created using the following details:

(Iím only showing a few of them though).





















Although the password is not easy to remember, you will be giving your users the opportunity to change them.

How Much Will It Cost Me?

Version Price
2.1 FREE
You can, if you like, donate USD5.00. It will help us to keep on producing free or inexpensive software.

How Do I Install the Username and Password Generator - simply double click on the file setup and then accept all default suggestions.

Thank you for using the Username and Password Generator from Secrett Systems.

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Last updated 03/21/2010