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Age And Visual Impairment Should Be No Barrier To Computing


At Secrett Systems we firmly believe that "Age and visual impairment should be no barrier to computing"

So we have designed EziMenu to make using your computer as simple as possible.

It is not aimed at advanced users. Rather it is aimed at computer users who may (for example) be elderly or somewhat intimidated by the Start menu. 

(If you want to do more than write a letter, surf the ‘net, send some email or play Solitaire, Spider or Minesweeper, then this program is definitely not for you.)

However, if that is all you want to use your computer for, then this is the program for you.


But it could be just the thing for your older or visually impaired relatives and friends.


So What Does The Program Do?

When the program runs for the first time, it searches your hard disk for word processing, email, internet and the standard Windows games programs. Once it finds them it saves the information and displays the main screen.


No Start Menu!

No confusing - and very tiny - icons all over the screen!

Just what you see in the picture above.

The program works best at 800*600 resolution.

The program provides large icons (that stay in the same place all the time) with large text especially for those of us whose eyesight isn't what it used to be.

All of the images are buttons that you can click and each will kick off a task without you having to hunt them down in the Start menu.

And you don't have to pay for the program up front. 

How Do I Get A Copy?

We have versions for Australia and Canada available now and have versions for the UK, US, New Zealand and South Africa in the pipeline.

Download the trial version you want by clicking the appropriate flag. (Flags are provided courtesy of 3DFlags.com)

You'll be able to use it for 30 days. After that you'll either have to pay to continue using it or uninstall it from your machine.

Also, if you run or work for an association involved with senior citizens or the visually impaired, you can make arrangements with Secrett Systems whereby you can share in the profits! Simply register as an affiliate with Plimus by clicking the Plimus here. Once you have registered, simply email Secrett Systems your affiliate ID or username. We'll do the rest. (You can also register by clicking the Plimus logo at the bottom of the screen and selecting "Register").

InstallationUser GuideBuy Now!


InstallationUser GuideBuy Now!


Coming soon

Coming soon

Coming soon

Don't forget to read the license and readme files.

How Much Will It Cost Me?

Version Price Currency
All Versions $25.00 US $

How Do I Pay For It?

If you want to buy it straight away, just click the 'Buy Now!' button beneath the flag where you can pay by credit card. 

How Do I Install It

Installation is simple - double click on the file setup and then accept all default suggestions.

Just download the Installation Guide and follow the instructions in it. 

(Requires Adobe Reader ®. This is a 16MB file so will take a while to download if you've only got a 56k dial up internet account.)

The installation guide was written for the Australian edition. However, installation is identical for all versions.

Copyright 2009 Secrett Systems
ABN: 22 307 891 173

Last updated 08/06/2009