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Welcome to the Secrett Systems Home Page.

Secrett Systems offers a range of products, some developed by us, some by our affiliates.

Simply Willing. Write your own Last Will and Testament.

Read the press release here: "It's Not A Question Of If, But When....". (You can also vote for the story on the press release page.

Our Tips and Tricks products are aimed at novice users who want to learn how to get the most out of their PC. In these programs you can try out various tasks you might be wary of doing in case you should make a mistake. In each program you perform all of the actions without any danger of stuffing things up. Once you feel confident to do the job, off you go.

Our program EziMenu, is aimed at senior citizens and the visually impaired. It simplifies the Windows screen so that there is no more hunting around for your email program or word processor or going to the Start button to close down Windows.

We offer a range of ADSL2+ products for those of you that want the speed and download capabilities that ADSL2+ offers. Note that these products are only available to Australian citizens.

We also have a range of products going from PDF convertors to home inventory and budget systems produced by affiliates.

To see what we have on offer, simply select an option from the Products menu on the left.


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