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Popup Messages

Pop Up Messages is designed to allow your information systems or helpdesk team to display custom messages on  some or all nodes connected to your network.

If you are using a built in utility such as the 'NET SEND' command to deliver that custom message to your workforce, all too often they will miss the message because it is not "in their face".

Users may well be typing away when the Net Send message pops up and the message ends up hidden behind other windows or is inadvertently closed before the user has had a chance to see it.

Also, utilities such as NET SEND restrict you to around 50 - 60 characters.

None of this applies to Pop Up Messages from Secrett Systems.


Pop Up Messages costs US$5.00 per license. Multi-user discounts, site and corporate licences are available.

Don't forget to read the license and readme files.

Key Benefits

Pricing (US Dollars)

Description Price Discount  
Pop Up Messages, Single User $5.00 0% Buy Now!
Pop Up Messages, Multi-User $5.00 Up to 20% (100 or more licences) Buy Now!
Pop Up Messages, Site Licence $750.00 2 sites or more, 5% Buy Now!
Pop Up Messages, Corporate Licence $1250.00 0% Buy Now!

Prices are in US Dollars.

If you have more than 100 computers at your site, you might want to consider the site licence since, as the number of computers you have grows, you don't have to buy more licences.


Installation is simple.

How the program works

When the program executes, it reads and displays the contents of the text file, PopMsg.txt, located in the program folder.

To use the program

Deploy the program on your computers.

Get your Information Systems server gurus to write a script to:

As simple as that!

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ABN: 22 307 891 173

Last updated 08/06/2009