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Speech Recognition Software

Speech Recognition Software
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Speech Recognition Software

A very affordable piece of speech recognition software that replaces a mouse and keyboard for even the most difficult tasks.

SpeechVibe Speech Recognition Software offers universal mouse-control through automated hot-spots and a mouse-grid to perform more complex operations like drag-and-drops.

SpeechVibe Speech Recognition Software allows dictation anywhere with unprecedented formatting flexibility and a quick alternate replacement user-experience.

Just to name a few other features, text-to-speech, application-launching voice commands, and a speech-enabled Internet browser page invocation environment are also provided by SpeechVibe Speech Recognition Software.

Product Price

SpeechVibe Speech Recognition Software is only $45.95.

Although the SpeechVibe Speech Recognition Software price is quoted in US dollars, the Buy Now page will allow you to select your local currency allowing you to get an immediate price in the currency you use. Simply select your currency from the 'Currency' drop down list on the top right of the page and it will automatically refresh the page showing the price you have to pay.

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Thank you for considering SpeechVibe Speech Recognition Software from Conceptual Speech Technologies LLC for your Speech Recognition Software needs.


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