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ADSL2+ Broadband Internet
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ADSL2+ Broadband Internet FAQ

What Is ADSL2+ Broadband Internet?

Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) is a technology that uses your existing telephone lines to provide you with high speed, high bandwidth digital lines.

It provides you with fast access to large websites, streaming media such as Internet Radio, multiplayer gaming and a wide range of other online services.

If you are a business owner, ADSL2+ Broadband Internet can provide you with the means of allowing your staff to work from home.

ADSL is slower than ADSL2+ Broadband, around 1.5mbps compared with 24mbps.

If you have ADSL2+ Broadband Internet you cannot downgrade to ADSL - but then, why would you want to?


What Are The Benefits Of ADSL2+ Broadband Internet?

  1. Between 5 and 25 times faster than the 56kbps modem that you would probably  be using on a dialup account.
  2. Internet and voice (or Fax) simultaneously.
  3. Always on-line. If your ADSL2+ Broadband modem and computer are switched on, you're on-line.
  4. No dial up phone costs.
  5. Almost instantaneous alerts when an email arrives.
  6. Excellent data security that exceeds other technologies.
  7. An unlimited number of network users.


How Fast Is ADSL2+ Broadband Internet?

The following table compares the time to download various files using a 56kbps dial up modem, a 256k and a 1500k ADSL Broadband Internet connection:

File size 56k modem ADSL 256k ADSL 1500k
128kB 18 seconds 4 seconds 1 second
6MB 14.6 minutes 3.1 minutes 32 seconds
40MB 1.63 hours 21 minutes 3.5 minutes

How Do I Test The Above Speeds?

Go to the free downloads page on the TPG website, download a file of more than 2MB and record the speed.


What Sort Of Computer Do I Need For ADSL2+ Broadband Internet?

If you are in an ADSL or ADSL2+ Broadband Internet area and able to get ADSL or ADSL2+ Broadband Internet to your business or home, then whether you can connect to TPG ADSL comes down to just one thing: the right computer.

If you have a computer with a 166MHz Pentium, more than 64MB memory and at least 100MB free space on your hard drive, then your computer is powerful enough. (By the way, a computer such as this would be around 12-14 years old).

You don't need a PC, you could use (e.g.) an Apple computer.

And you don't have to have Microsoft Windows installed. You can be a Linux, Unix or Apple OS user as well.


Can I Get ADSL2+ Broadband Internet?

Click here to find out. You will be taken to the TPG Internet ADSL2+ Broadband Internet Sign Up page. When you get there, click 'Continue with Registration'

On the page that is then displayed, enter your telephone number and click 'Start the Search'. If you cannot get ADSL Broadband on your number a message will be displayed telling you so.

If you can, then a form will be displayed allowing you to register for ADSL2+ Broadband Internet.  

If you decide not to go any further, you can simply hit the 'Home' button on your browser

If you decide to go ahead, and you're interested in the free modem package (currently $49.95 Australian per month), it's the first option that is offered to you.


TPG ADSL2+ Broadband Internet.

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