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Below are a few of the comments we have received about our products and services. Please feel free to add your comments by completing the feedback form.

General Comments

Sasha D (Canada) said:

"I have to ask you this question. Were you a teacher before you were involved with Secrett-Systems because if you weren't you should be!! In my opinion you are an excellent teacher. I believe to be a good teacher you are able to spark an interest in the subject in your student hence empower him or her to strive to learn more. That you have done for me. I can't believe how much I've learned since first asking you for help a mere month ago. You have always been prompt in replying to my questions for help and there has been plenty. You have been ever so patient and what I find so helpful is that you give me explanations in "plain English" assuming I know little which is true not like the technical help I've gotten from Bell. The other thing that I find exceptional is that if I don't get it at first I receive pictures of exactly what to look for when trying to solve my problem. Thanks to you and all you've helped me with and what I've learned I can now go into the "help index" and understand a lot of the help they offer."

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Tips and Tricks (for Windows 98) -Discontinued

ZDNet said:

"Windows 98 Tips and Tricks is a slick, attractive, entertaining, and educational software coaching tool that will show you, with live screenshots and text, how to get the most out of Windows 98"

PCProfile said:

"Now you can buy a simple, but well structured, software coaching tool that will show you with real live screenshots and text how to go about using Windows 98.  The series is self paced and easy to follow and help is readily at hand with the intuitive interface. Lessons can be scrolled both backwards and forwards at the user's own pace and are set up as topics based on key areas of interest. The Tab sections of Windows 98 dialog boxes is also set-up to work in the same way that Windows 98 operates so you can follow the steps one at a time, just as if you were making the changes on your PC! The next screen presented then explains what is about to happen and highlights key areas either with a hand (indicating a click on link) or an arrow pointing to the topic being addressed. EASY!

How many times have you been asked to assist a friend with the most elementary tasks in setting up the PC?  Encourage them to buy a copy of this inexpensive Windows 98 Tips and Tricks Tutorial. It will last them for the life of their PC and stop them from annoying you!"

i4Free said:

Windows 98 Tips and Tricks is a collection of a number of tips for the most simple of tasks of the Windows 98 system. They are the sorts of things that first time users need guidance with, and will catch on to immediately. The interface is simple enough for first time users to quickly grasp and navigate themselves around in.

Sasha D (Canada) said:

Using this program, I soon learned how simple it was to do things with Windows 98.

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Tips and Tricks (for Outlook Express)

Sasha D (Canada) said:

I was having a lot of problems with learning how to use Outlook Express. The program allowed me to learn how to set it up in just a few minutes. It was a lucky chance that I found your web site when I was looking for help.

Vic (Australia) said:

So simple to use and so helpful!

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John W said:

My eyesight isn't that good and finding my way round the computer wasn't easy.

EziMenu made it so simple. Big, bright clear graphics has helped me so much.

Andrea said:

My dad is quite elderly and can't get around too well so he doesn't often get to see or talk to his grandchildren or his family in New Zealand. I found EziMenu and checked it out. I bought it and  installed it on his computer then showed him how to use it. It didn't take long  for him to learn how to use the program and now he is emailing and surfing like nobodies business.

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