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Peer to Peer Networking Tips and Tricks

Do you:

Peer to Peer Networking Tips and Tricks was developed to assist those running a small office (and home users) who are unfamiliar with networks but want the advantages of one.

You may find the "help" provided by your local computer sales person less than helpful. They’ll try to sell you equipment and software you don’t need. And they will charge you an arm and a leg to set everything up for you.

Peer to Peer Networking Tips and Tricks guides you through the various steps required to select the hardware and software required for a small network and then to actually set up the network for use. It does this by presenting you with real-live screen shots and dialog boxes that guide you through the steps you would have to take.

This self-help tutorial will walk you through each of the steps involved in an intuitive tutorial that takes away the fears of "getting it wrong" when using a live system. All the menu options can be refreshed at anytime using back/next keys. The main menu allows you to select, at any time, which option you need to focus on. Alternatively you can walk through the whole process from start to end at your leisure. 

Peer to Peer Networking Tips and Tricks provides you with troubleshooting tips for the commoner problems that often occur on networks (whether peer to peer or not). 

Using the tutorial, you perform the actual steps in a controlled and coached manner just as if you were aiming to complete the task BUT without making any changes to your computer’s configuration.

Once your are comfortable with the steps you have to take, you can then do it for real and with the confidence in knowing YOU did it (and without being charged and arm and a leg for help from a consultant!).

Peer to Peer Networking Tips and Tricks tutorials have an intuitive interface; you move through the lessons at your own speed; you can repeat them at any time and you can skip past steps with which you are already familiar.


You don't have to pay for your tips and tricks programs up front. 

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